How to Advance Your Startup on Cdling

Cdling provides reports to investors to help them make decisions about what startups they want to meet with (and hopefully, eventually invest in!).

Here is our advice to startups on how to advance their startup on Cdling.

1. Head to  First search to see if someone has already initiated coverage of your startup and it is already listed.  If so, hit the claim button.  If not click add a startup and add a profile for your startup (at the moment we are screening new joiners, but typically admit them within an hour or so). 

2. Every startup needs to learn how to present their business and help decision makers understand the unique value that they are creating. Here is a good series of posts to help you get going.  Overtime, fill out a full profile adding a video that shows your team’s personality, a slideshare pitch deck or prezi (perhaps done as a screen cast with voice over), a screen cast or screen-0-matic demo, short description, details on your team, etc, but you don’t need all of that to get started.

3. Then, you should share your Cdling profile with at least 10 credible mentors or experienced investors or entrepreneurs and ask them to share an opinion about the future prospects of your company. (Note: By share, at this point we mean email them the url to your Cdling profile and ask them to share opinions about your future prospects. Sorry for our UX shortcomings.)

Developing quality opinions about your startup is part of an iterative, lean approach to moving in a sustainable direction. The “referral” is the holy grail of obtaining private investment.  We need at least 10 quality opinions before we can make any sense with our prediction markets but every reference counts. If you don’t know which opinions to seek out we can offer you an Investor Network Report.

Go after the most credible folks that you can connect with.  There is not much sense in getting Mom or a friend to blindly boost your ratings because we can cross reference each player against our data on the most important innovators. (unless of course your Mom is a great innovator!). 

The investors that we serve are responsible for selecting the startups that they want to meet with. 

We often combine Cdling input with the analysis from local mentor networks and trusted sources, and the fit for the investor so that the final lists that we come up with for a potential investor may not be a straight ranked list based upon their Cdling performance.

If we are advised on who the investor wants to meet with, you can be sure that we will do our best to get in touch with that startup as soon as is humanly possible!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  Email info at and if you want us to, include a phone number and we will call you as soon as possible.

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