Paul Singh, @500Startups, September 10 - Office Hours

500 Startups with Cdling, MaRS and JOLT

You see the Cadee logo right above, in the bottom left corner? That is a Toronto based startup!  High Score House - that’s Canadian. Social Stork is another Toronto startup that is now #500Strong.

We are pleased to announce that Paul Singh, Partner at 500Startups is coming to Toronto on September 10th.  Unlike our lead to Howard Morgan, this time the team at MaRS Common and Jolt were ahead on the path to organizing the visit with Paul and we are grateful that they have worked with us to enable:

image1. A “Fire-side chat” pizza lunch with Startup Grind Toronto. Get your tickets here! Paul will be sitting down with us to explain why 500Startups is probably the most active high velocity early stage investor on the planet; and to listen to and advise on your startup’s challenges.

2. OFFICE HOURS: Earlier in the morning on September 10th, Paul has agreed to meet one-on-one with a few selected startups that are ready for an angel investment.  If you know of an Ontario based startup that might be a fit for 500Startups, please introduce them.  We will be presenting a report to Paul on September 7th, hopefully he will make his final selections quickly, we can announce and make sure that the selected Founders are lined up for him at MaRS Commons on Monday morning.  More details on how to get your startup on our report can be found here.  The format will be similar to the speed meetings that we set up for Howard Morgan.  Each Founder will have 10 mins.  They can pitch, pose a problem and get advice or use the time to somehow form a bond with Paul for future consideration, but they only have 10 mins!

Take a few minutes to click through this “MONEYBALL + STARTUPS” presentation about the changing trends in angel and venture investing.  That moneyball label has been applied to Cdling.  These slides are a prerequist to Cdling’s pitch deck!

Moneyball: A Quantitative Approach to Angel Investing (Austin, TX - Aug 2012) from Paul Singh
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