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the legend of the garage startup

Even when investors, mentors and experts dedicate their full time and life to spotting the next big thing, it can come walking straight through their door and they miss it.

We love the honesty of Bessemer Venture Partners Anti-Portfolio page. It is a badge of honor among VCs to have the courage to share stories about the ones that got away but all would rather have had the insight available that would have supported a different decision and gave them the billion dollar ride of their life.

At the same time, there are Founders working away in hacker houses, Estonia or where ever, who feel they can not possibly boil their life’s work down to a demo day or pitch competition. We love why Mark Suster doesn’t do demo days.

Here is the story from Bessemer’s Anti-Portfolio page:

Cowan’s college friend rented her garage to Sergey and Larry for their first year. In 1999 and 2000 she tried to introduce Cowan to “these two really smart Stanford students writing a search engine”. Students? A new search engine? In the most important moment ever for Bessemer’s anti-portfolio, Cowan asked her, “How can I get out of this house without going anywhere near your garage?”


Outliers trying to get in. Insiders trying to sort quality signal from noise. These are the problems that Cdling is designed to solve.


Over the second half of 2012 and first quarter of 2013 we did a series of OFFICE HOURs experiments in Toronto, New York and Silicon Valley.

We are grateful to the investors who have worked with us so far. We have learned a lot from each pilot.

Why did they give us a try? They value an alternative point of view on their trusted networks for deal flow. And the low cost of launching a startup has dramatically increased the amount of noise that they face. As one investor we talked to recently said, “When the amount of crap walking through the door increases by 10x, you are a lot more likely to get some on you!”

We were delighted by the success that Montreal based startup Bunch had leveraging Cdling to make things happen for them. 

Why go through the hassle of collecting 10 credible opinions about your startup on Cdling?

We have analyzed and ranked the profiles of over 500,000 of the best investors, experts and Founders in the world, so you don’t have to.

With our proprietary matching engine you discover the ones that matter most to you and we give them a compelling combination of recognition and rewards to get engaged.

Cdling frees you from worthless networking with a simple, fair and transparent discovery process.

As you collect trust and insight, you earn more valuable attention.

Think of it as picking your own panel of judges for a demo day or pitch competition or assembling your dream team advisory group. If you are working on the next big thing, you want the 10 best people in the world sharing an opinion about your startup and for every startup, those 10 people will be a little different.

Some will know you and your team better than anyone. Some will be the world’s top subject matter experts in your area. And as many as possible should have established reputations in your local or better still, the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem (for follow on rounds of financing all roads lead to Rome :).

One of the most sensible things we have seen written on an investors website goes something like this:

"We do not accept unsolicited business opportunities. Our team is ever-present in the local community, and your networking skills should be put to work for a quality introduction to us."

Cdling enables you to put your networking skills to work and get the attention of the investors that you want to work with the most.


Investors want the same thing that you do. They don’t want to rely on the best intelligence sitting around the boardroom table at a Monday afternoon Partner’s meeting. They want the best intelligence in the world available at their table to support better decision making.

Make it easy for them.

1.Get at least 10 opinions that count.

2. Request a meeting with an investor.

When we provide a Cdling Rated Referral report to an investor we use our Cdling Scores and other profile checks to enable the investor to quickly and easily understand the quality or weight of the opinions that have been shared. 

On Cdling (powered by Y-Combinator alum Inkling Markets), each person that shares an opinion is putting a measurable portion of their real world reputation on the line for you. Cdling Scores matter.

Unlike simple voting, our approach to collecting insight around your company is not a popularity contest. We are using methods that have proven to be very accurate in a variety of different applications.

Developing quality opinions about your startup is part of an iterative, lean approach that dramatically reduces the amount of time that you need to spend trying to connect with investors.  We want to free you to focus on selling great products to paying customers. It’s like the difference between gradually developing a LinkedIn profile and submitting a resume to a job posting. One is an investment and long term asset, the second is a cycle of activity lost in time.

Visit Cdling’s Frequently asked questions or email michael at cdling dot com at anytime.

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